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Why Is It So Hard To Quit Smoking

Why it is So Hard to Quit Smoking - (And Why it Doesn't Have to Be!) to give up cigarettes for good. The Nicotine Ok so you already know that nicotine is found in cigarettes. Yes, it is considered to be a drug, and to some extent, your body begins to crave it once you start smoking on a regular basis. It can help people to calm down and it can be addictive as well.

Many people find that not only their body, but their mind begins to be addicted to the nicotine. They feel anxious and irritated if they don't get a smoke, but once they get the smoke they wanted, they once again feel peaceful. These are the feelings that can make quitting so hard. Powerful Habits Another reason that it can be so difficult to stop smoking is because smoking has actually become a habit. The longer you have been smoking, the more smoking habits you tend to get into.

Perhaps you have a habit of lighting up right after dinner, on the way home from work in the car, or even while you're drinking coffee and reading the morning newspaper. These are habits that become comforting and they get a hold on you quickly. In some ways the cigarettes almost become part of you so that you feel you always have to have one, which makes the habit seem so difficult to break in some cases.

Emotional Attachments In some cases, people find it hard to quit because smoking is an attachment that is emotional as well. When you're upset or angry, you start relying on your cigarette to calm you down. Instead of dealing with your feelings, you end up having a smoke instead and you never really start to work through what you are feeling.

So, this can also make it difficult for you to quit as well. While these are a few reasons that it can be hard to quit smoking, it really does not have to be so hard for you. One of the most important steps to quitting for good is to just decide that you are really going to do it.

You'll have to rise above your habits and the emotional attachments that you have to the cigarettes and determine that you will quit. Instead of feeling like you can't or that it is too hard, you need to tell yourself that you can do it. Many people have quit quickly and easily, but it definitely required them finding a different mindset.

So, instead of focusing on the reasons that it is so difficult to stop smoking, start focusing on a new mindset that will finally help you quit with ease.

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