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Deli Sandwich For Lunch Pizza For Dinner Is This Your Staple Diet

Nutrition for the majority of the worlds population is becoming a serious problem, not least the busy professional. Despite the huge amount of advice that is freely available on the subject of good health eating, the dietary habits of the busy professional leave a lot to be desired. The problem stems from those long busy days at work, where eating becomes an after thought.

Breakfast, how often is this missed by you in the morning? Lunch, business lunch at the quality restaurant, over a couple of glasses of wine, OR, stuffing down a deli sandwich at your desk? Evening dinner, a pizza or other fast food fare on your way home, or a hastily eaten microwave meal before going to bed! And then there is the snacks, the donuts and cakes for a colleagues birthday. The office snack machine always gets raided mid morning and mid afternoon, normally because of a serious blood sugar crash after your poor breakfast or lunch choice! The nutritional value of all this stuff, equals roughly ZERO! The problem is your body is a true reflection of what we consume, you know the phrase "You are what you eat!" is absolutely true! So if you eat junk, your whole body is junk, even when you do exercise the nutrients used to repair and grow the tissue in your body, are based on poor quality sources. This increases your chances of illness and injury! Getting around this problem seems to be a sticking point for many people, however the solution is not as complex as people make out. By sticking to some fairly basic principles of nutrition you can make massive improvements in your overall health. Eat only fresh and clean produce, this means Fresh fruit and vegetables Low fat fresh diary produce including eggs Fresh lean cuts of meat The best quality poultry you can buy Fresh water fish and seafood That's it! Avoid all processed foods, i.e.

anything that has gone through a manufacturing process to create the "food" that appears on your plate. Sounds much too simple doesn't it? In fact when I tell people this the common reaction is that they already know this is the right food to eat. Why do you not do this is the bigger question. The problem is down to the convenience of having someone else take control of what you are eating. The preparation required to utilise this type of food involves spending some time in the kitchen pulling together the ingredients to create a meal.

The easiest way I have found is to clear out the kitchen of any item that does not fit in this list, and force yourself to actually prepare the food, it'll be like going on cold turkey for a few days but you and your body will see the difference. Starting today, do this consistently for the next two weeks and I guarantee that you and your body will feel more alive than it has in years! The hardest part is starting, once the habit is developed you'll be less inclined to go back to the junk.

For a highly effective fat burning workouts done in a fraction of the time of your current workouts, claim your free e-report "How to lose weight even when you are really busy" at http://www.corporateathletehandbook.com/. Tim Goodwin is a fitness professional from Luxembourg, training the busiest individuals to achieve amateur sporting success and a healthier body

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