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T Medical partners with Lifescan for diabetes management

Increasing blood sugar level which is caused by diabetes can be very fatal resulting in results like vision loss , heart attack , failure of the kidneys etc. So on any body part which is dependent on Insulin will have more effect as compared to non-dependent parts. Islet cells, found in our pancreas, secrete insulin.

This insulin performs two major functions for our body. The foods that we eat get broken down into glucose, which our body will use for energy. Insulin helps to move this glucose, as well as fats and protein into cells that will produce energy. Insulin also lowers blood glucose levels, which rise as the glucose is released into the blood stream.

Two different types of diabetes are Type 1diabetes and Type 2 diabetes. The difference between the two types is that patients with Type 1 diabetes cannot produce their own insulin and patients with Type 2 diabetes can produce insulin, however their bodies cannot effectively use it. It is hard to identify Type 2 diabetes in the early stages, so this form of the disease takes a toll on the body before it is ever diagnosed. Diet, medication, exercise, controlling stress and depression, kidney dialysis and possibly kidney transplants are all ways that diabetes may be treated.

A diet that is low in cholesterol, sugar and fats is essential in the fight against diabetes. The most important medication that a Type 1 diabetic must take is Insulin. Exercise increases the body's sensitivity to insulin, helping to maintain the disease by controlling the blood glucose levels. In case the above the precautions do not work, then oral medications can be used. Scientist are in the process of coming up with a new technique to eliminate the need for insulin shots in diabetic patients. At this time, the technique is being developed on mice by transforming human stem cells into them.

More than 15 million Americans are suffering from diabetes and most of them are dependent on daily insulin shots. The key to control diabetes is to lower blood pressure and blood glucose levels and high cholesterol levels. Smoking triggers heart diseases and even greatly increases the risk for heart disease in diabetic people. Therefore diabetic people are advised to quit smoking in order to control the deadly heart diseases and high cholesterol levels. LifeScan is a subsidiary of health care giant Johnson & Johnson.

Lifescan supplies blood glucose monitoring systems which are used in hospitals, meters, test strips, lancing devices, and software which allow diabetics to test the blood sugar levels. t+ Medical is an institution which takes data from LifeScan and wirelessly transmits the information to a central database. t+ Medical has made it possible for people to view this information on their mobile phones and personal computers. Thus patients can monitor their diabetes through this technique. T+ was established in 2002.

It provides technology and services catering to the treatment of chronic diseases. The aim of t+Medical is to help mankind fight these deadly diseases and develop cost effective technologies for the healthlthcare providers and diabetics. The venture between LifeScan and t+ Medical is going to be beneficial for doctors treating diabetes and the diabetics all around the world. It has brought together two different technologies and is offering lifesaving services to patients and healthcare providers. t+ Medical uses LifeScan's One Touch(R) Ultra(R) System to obtain the blood glucose readings.

The One Touch Ultra system is a small device, gives accurate results, patients enter information and result is obtained within five seconds. This Blood Glucose Meter is a fast and simple method to measure the blood glucose.

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