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Resolving to Work on Your Weight

So you've decided this is the year. You're going to do it! Get fit and lose that excess weight. Now you just need to decide how.

Start out by taking a look at where you stand. How is your weight compared to this time last year. Up? Down? About the same? Knowing whether you've been improving, getting worse or standing still can help quite a bit in your planning. Maybe you have a lot of bad habits to break or maybe just a few. What do you eat? If you're eating out a lot or buying prepared foods maybe it's time to make healthier meals.

With some research and practice you can find that it's really not that difficult. How are you at portion control? If this is a problem, consider using salad plates rather than the full dinner size plates. Many people find this helps them to eat less. When you do eat out, what do you eat? How often do you just get fast food? At better restaurants what kind of food do you order? Do you take vitamins? Other supplements? Are they the only thing that you feel are giving you reasonably balanced nutrition? Do you smoke? If so, what would it take for you to quit? No, this isn't weight related, but it's better for your overall health.

What about your alcohol intake? Many alcoholic drinks are rather high in calories. How often do you exercise? You can't get fit if you don't work at it. Join a gym or come up with a routine you can and will do regularly at home. You don't have to limit yourself by only starting healthy habits as a New Year's Resolution. You can get started anytime.

The only thing you really need is dedication and the willingness to stick to it. Don't give up just because you slip up a little. The occasional dessert, extra large meal or day off your exercise routine does not mean you failed.

Think of it as just a little break and get right back to working toward your goals. Just about everyone slips up sometimes. By the same token, don't give up just because you aren't seeing the progress you hoped for. Sometimes body changes take more time than you'd expect. Getting fit isn't something you should do just for a month or two. If you want the maximum benefit for your life you will keep at it for life.

Just find the ways that you can make it enjoyable and don't let the little problems make you quit.

Stephanie Foster takes the time to run http://www.timeforexercise.com/ and work toward her own fitness goals. You can learn more about her take on fitness and exercise at her website.

Weight Loss

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