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Independence Day Warning What To Do About Senior Falls Before Its Too Late Tips To Safety

For many people, the arrival of the 4th of July is a fun event. There will be barbecues, crowded parades, and spectacular fireworks that go boom in the sky. But for home alone seniors living without emergency alert systems the risk of losing their independence and having to move into a nursing home increases every day.

Below are 17 steps that will help to significantly prevent falls in the home: 1 - Safeguard the stairs with a firmly anchored handrail or banister. Be sure to keep these areas, as well as the landings, floors and walkways clutter-free. If you find broken steps or uneven ones it is a good idea to schedule for this to be fixed immediately.

2 - Be sure to tuck away both telephone and electrical cords. 3 - Keep night lights on in the hallways and bathrooms. 4 - Hallways, porches, and stairwells - be certain to keep it well lit with light fixtures using maximum safe wattage (this is usually recorded on the interior of the light fixture). 5 - Check the light over the stairway to make certain it is working.

If not, call up a professional to put in an overhead light at the top and bottom of the stairs. 6 - Have an electrician put in an overhead light at the top and bottom of the stairs. It would be an even safer measure to buy lights that glow.

7 - Remove toys and games from steps and landings. If young children are in the home install safety gates at stair top and bottom. 8 - Place window guards on upper-floor windows as a means of preventing young children from falling out.

Choosing guards with release devices in case of emergency will further protect you. 9 - In the bathroom be sure to add grab bars to the bathtub or shower. Keep in mind that towel racks or wall-mounted soap dishes should never be used as grab bars as they can loosen and cause a fall.

Also, using nonslip mats or installing adhesive safety strips or decals in bathtub or shower is another key preventative measure to take. All bath mats must have nonskid backing. 10 - Keep floors clean. Make sure to remove and mop up any grease or water spills immediately. 11 - Purchase rug liners or nonskid backing for all throw rugs.

Check to see that the carpet on the stairs is firmly attached to all the steps. If this is not the case, be sure to remove the carpet and attach non-slip rubber treads to the stairs. 12 - All step stools should be secure and have handrails.

Never use a chair to reach for things. 13 - When it comes to taking medications - be careful in following dosing directions as prescribed by the doctor. Taking multiple medications or ingesting the incorrect use of drugs may lead to dizziness, weakness, and other complications that can result in a serious fall.

14 - If you have to walk around furniture when you walk through a room be sure to enlist the help of someone to move the furniture so that your path is clear. 15 - Be sure to keep your floors clear of all objects at all times, i.e.

, books, shoes, towels, magazines, blankets, boxes and even the smallest of items should have a home - off the floor. 16 - Take a look around and find any cords or wires such as telephone, lamp or extension cords that you have to walk over or around. Be sure to tape or coil the wires and cords next to the wall as preventative measure from tripping over them. You may want to call an electrician to simply put in another outlet. 17 - Rearrange the items in your cabinets.

Keep the ones that you use often at a lower level, preferably, at waist level.

Yves Marie Danie Baptiste is an expert publicity marketer and writer who takes great passion in using her skills to bring light to issues she feels needs greater awareness such as eradicating homelessness in the lives of children, humane care of dogs, fixing a broken veterans' benefits system, and last but certainly not least....providing maximum protection in the homes for seniors & friends in safety. Visit http://www.MedicalAlertZone.com

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