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How To Prevent Acne For Oily Skin

The negative aspect of having oily skin is that it tends to clog the pores, resulting in ugly acne problem. Therefore, maintaining a proper skin care routine is vital to keeping your skin clear, free of impurities and oil.

Face washing is often the core of beautiful face. For Oily skin, you should clean your skin with an oil-free and gentle cleanser for up to 3 times a day to remove your skin from oil, dead skin cells, dry skin - substances that can clog the pores. It is imperative for the pores of your skin to remain bacteria free. The presence of bacteria is something which contributes substantially to the growth of pimples.

If you have overall cleanliness of the skin, you can lessen the chance of pimples.
In addition, you should adopt the following habits and routines:

1. Use skin care and cosmetic products that are oil free.

2. Stay away from oily and fatty food.


Rinse face well during washing to remove oil and residue. Residues left behind can actually clog your pores. Facial cleansers can leave an invisible residue behind which can clog your pores.

Rinse three times, then rinse again.

4. If you have oily hair, you should wash and shampoo your hair daily to prevent the oil from touching and clogging the pores on your forehead.

5. Also, it is also important to not to touch your skin with your fingers.

Our hands and fingers normally carry a multitude of various germs. When these germs make contact with the pimples, it can make the pimples worse.

6. Drink plenty of water each day. Drink around 10-12 full glasses of water each day.

You can add natural lemon juice to the water to make it more effective in ridding the body of toxins. It is the toxins that increases the presence of bacteria on your skin.

7. Reduce stress by doing meditation, deep breathing, or yoga. Stress causes the bodys level of cortisol (stress hormone) to go up. This leads to increase of your blood sugar and produces more oil on the skin.

8. Get some exercises. Exercises help to reduce stress and make you sweat. Sweating helps to rid the body of the toxins.


Eat plenty of vegetable and fruits. Green vegetable and fruits contain vital vitamins and antioxidants that help to nourish the skin and detoxify the body.

By following the above steps, it goes a long way in preventing and controlling your acne problems. However, for some of us unfortunate acne victims, our acne problems are more serious. Therefore, tougher measures must be taken.

In addition to following the above recommendations, it is recommended to use an acne curing system that fights acne bacteria both from inside the body as well as outside the body. Most over the counter acne products in the market such as Clearsil, Oxy-10, ProActiv only address acne problems at the skin level and that is not enough to effectively fight acne.

If your acne problem still persists after following the above skin care regimen and lifestyle habits, you should use an anti-acne system that employs the proven principle of fighting acne both from the outside and the inside the body. The system should include an oil-free, SD Alcohol and Salicylic Acid solutions based facial.

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