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How To Make Your Anti Depressant Medication Work

Do you suffer from chronic depression? Do you take antidepressants and see a medical professional, yet nothing seems to work? Why is it that many people do seem to get relief from depression yet others constantly struggle? For almost 2 years I have been taking medication and am feeling better than ever. Unfortunately there are others who cannot seem to get the same effects. Is this you? No matter which medications they try and regardless of who they talk to they can't seem to find relief. What's so disturbing is that this is not uncommon. Depression is a complex disease that affects as many as 20 million different people. It's not easy for a therapist or doctor when it comes to figuring out just the right combination of medication and talk therapy considering just how different we all are and how differently we respond to treatment.

Wouldn't it be great if we could come from a place where these treatments had a much better chance of working? Studies have concluded that a person's diet can have a significant effect on depression and its symptoms. The Diet to Prevent Depression: There is scientific evidence that proves that certain foods can help to eliminate the symptoms associated with depression. In addition, there is conclusive evidence that eating foods that contain particular ingredients can prevent depression. Here is a look at some of the essential foods and ingredients that can prove to be absolutely vital to your mental health.

1. To relieve or prevent depression one should consider using Omega 3 fatty acids available in fish oils. Research with the most recent study conducted by Ohio State University has shown that depressed people often lack the correct balance of fatty acids. Current recommendations allow up to two servings each week of cold-water fish and the best source of Omega 3 comes from salmon and trout. 2.

Treating depression and mood elevation has been very successfully achieved when vitamins such as Vitamin B12 were used to treat the conditions. A lack of B vitamins is a cause of depression although researchers are not sure why. Things like spinach, salads, and avocados contain these vitamins. 3. Many minerals are essential with regard to alleviating depression.

It has been shown that some people may have a deficiency in minerals such as magnesium, calcium, zinc, manganese and potassium, when suffering. One example would be iron deficiency, also known as Anemia which has been found to be a major cause. The minerals you need to fight depression can be found usually in meats and vegetables. Foods to Avoid: Just as there are certain foods that actually work to reduce the possibility of developing and enduring symptoms that are associated with the "blues", there are certain foods, beverages, and ingredients that should be avoided or if you are experiencing depression or even if you are prone to depression. 1. Carbohydrates - Decreasing carbohydrates has been found to be extremely beneficial when it comes to combating depression.

The intake of carbs,which raises serotonin levels, will alleviate depression. The problem is that after the high is over the depression will return, often worse than before. 2. Caffeine - When depressed, caffeine can make the situation worse. Caffeine is a stimulant that can get you feeling "up".

However, it can bring you "down" really fast. 3. Alcohol should be avoided as it is a natural depressant.

3. Sugar - Metabolism in a person's body can be swayed by large amounts of sugar entering it and should be avoided if possible. 4. Salt - If you are someone who has difficulties struggling with depression, it is best to minimize your salt intake. Conclusion: We have all heard the saying "you are what you eat". This is especially true if you suffer from depression and the symptoms of depression are not easy to treat being different people respond differently to different treatment options.

One thing that is certain is that by maintaining a healthy diet you can relieve or even prevent depression altogether.

Scott Becker is an expert author mostly writing on depression and anxiety. His expertise however did not come the usual way, it came from having to cope with his own life challenges. To read more about it as well as pick up your Seven Days of FREE REPORTS Titled "The Undisclosed FACTS to Ease Your Depression NOW", visit his blog at http://healthfitnessvitamin.com

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