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Here Are Things You Should Know About Bodyweight Exercise

I've been doing bodyweight exercise training for a while now. In that time, I've discovered a few things that you might want to know about bodyweight exercising and how to best approach it. By knowing these 4 things, you'll be able to overcome some problems you might run into, or even avoid them altogether. If there were 4 things I would've liked to have known when I started doing bodyweight training, it would be these: 1. This isn't a race or a contest, especially if this is new to you. Instead of focusing on how many modified push-ups you can do or how fast you can do them, learn to do the movement properly and slowly, at first.

Start with a proper, step-by-step understanding of the movement and it's mechanics. It may take you some practice and patience to master the basics of a particular exercise. The more challenging the exercise, the more you need to practice it properly.

slowly.step-by-step. But it's worth it. And that brings me to my second piece of advice. 2. .

Go easy on yourself. You may not be able to fully do a pistol, but do the best you can today (without going to fatigue), and set a goal to do better next week. 3.

Work at mastering only a few bodyweight exercises at a time. At any one time, I'm working on mastering no more than 2 or 3 of exercises. I may do up to 8 in a workout, but for the ones that I need more work on, I spend my time perfecting my technique on those. My reason for telling you to focus on just 3 exercises (heck, you could even just pick one) is to help you avoid being overwhelmed by having to get good at all of the exercises at the same time.

When you find that you've gotten good at one exercise (when you can do it a certain number of times, with proper technique), it'll give you the confidence to conquer the next move. Last week, I learned that you can never really overlearn the basics. During a workout, I found myself getting a little bit light-headed, because I forgot something that's basic.

4. .Breathe! I was holding my breath at some of the tough sticking points. That's the half piece of advice I have to give you. I know it's obvious that you should breathe properly, but it's good to keep reminding yourself not to hold your breath too long.

Try forcefully pushing or whistling the air out of your lips as you push yourself past a tough spot.

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