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Gazelle Exercise Equipment Exercise Equipment Reviews

If you watch TV at all them you have most likely seen Tony Little and the FitnessQuest Gazelle exercise equipment. Recently, a very good friend of mine bought this exercise machine and offered to let me try it out. I quickly took him up on the offer and want to give you my thoughts on the experience. At first glance, the FitnessQuest Gazelle looks lightweight and easy to use. In fact, it weighs a little over 45 pounds and is well built.

One thing I immediately noticed was that it does take up some room. Since the handle bars go forward and the foot platform goes back you need some extra room for clearance. Since this was my friend's exercise equipment and not mine I can't say how easy or difficult it is to put together.

From looking it over and listening to him tell me it took a little less than 30 minutes to assemble; I would tend to agree completely. There are full instructions included and it only requires a wrench and screwdriver to assemble. The Gazelle also comes with a video that includes workout instructions that is put together nicely. I would definitely recommend watching it before doing anything with the equipment.

Gazelle Exercise Equipment Now, it was time to give it the ultimate test and use the equipment myself. Getting on was simple enough for me because I have used ellipticals for years, but for someone who has never used this type of fitness equipment before, it may be a little tricky at first. But, there is no doubt that even a first-timer can quickly get the hang of it and get a good workout.

The Gazelle exercise equipment includes an onboard computer that gives you the standard information such as speed, distance, elapsed time, calorie counter, odometer and a pulse rate monitor. This is really everything you could need to monitor. This is really everything you could need to monitor your workout level and it all works quite well on the Gazelle. Using the machine was a breeze.

It lets you have an extremely low impact workout that is so easy on your joints. Unlike jogging or using a treadmill, the Gazelle puts no stress on your knees and ankles. That's a real plus for so many people who suffer with joint issues. The other thing I noticed was how you could either give your arms a workout or you could let them rest while you exercise. By leaning forward or backward you can use more of your muscles in your arms. The Gazelle recommends a 20 minute workout 3 times a week for optimal results.

I had no trouble with putting in 20 minutes on this particular machine and I would say that even for those who are not in great shape can do 1- minutes without too much difficulty. You can then build up from there. Pros * Low impact - About the lowest impact fitness equipment made * Easy to use - No spending hours trying to figure out how to use it * Good all-around workout * Affordable - The Gazelle is priced around $200 so it is very affordable. Cons * Give yourself some space for it in your home * Difficult to store under some beds that sit too low Bottom Line The FitnessQuest Gazelle exercise equipment is very affordable, easy to use, and gives you a very low impact workout. Although it is not perfect, I would say that the overall quality, value and workout you get with it make it a very good option for anyone looking for home exercise equipment.

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