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Finally The Good News About Accutane And iPledge

In March, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved a stringent new program known as iPledge to monitor the distribution of Accutane. Accutane is a drug that treats a serious form of acne known as nodular acne. This program was implemented because of concerns that arose about the correlation between the use of Accutane and serious birth defects occurring in the unborn children of women using the drug. Some doctors are have voiced out that Accutane is not safe for women who are pregnant or wants to become pregnant. iPledge requires that all users, prescribers and distributors of the drug must register with iPledge before they can receive or administer treatment.

Female patients of childbearing age must pledge to use two forms of birth control for the month before treatment, while they are on the drug, and the month after treatment ends. Additionally, female patients are required to test negative to two pregnancy tests before they can be given the drug, and must also agree to take a pregnancy test before each refill. Besides causing birth defects, Accutane has been thought to be linked to suicide and depression in some people. However, so far there is no concrete evidence to determine whether Accutane could have caused these tendencies to occur. The FDA also issued warnings that there are other serious side effects of Accutane, including causing the amount of lipids and cholesterol in the blood to rise, and problems with the abdomen, brain, blood sugar, hearing and vision, as well as decreasing the patient's red and white blood cell count. Still, for patients who have struggled with nodular acne, Accutane may appear to be a miracle cure, after all other treatments have failed.

However, getting a hold of the medication may prove to be more difficult now with iPleadge. According to American Academy of Dermatology Association, many dermatologists had experienced problems with the iPledge system. Despite the barriers, it may be good for consumers now that Accutane is closely regulated. If there are potential problems with Accutane, then the government, in this case the FDA should do everything they can to keep them from happening. After all, this is actually an optional drug.

There are many other methods to treat acne problems. Some of them can be very affordable and natural too. The most important thing is that having a child with birth defects is a serious thing compared to acne and cannot be undone.

We need to take responsibility to prevent this. Consider very carefully when using Accutane.

To find out more information on Accutane, Accutane side effects and other skin care related matters, visit Skin Care And Acne Resources.

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