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Diabetic Meter How to Choose the Best

Diabetic meter is an essential tool when it comes to purchasing diabetic supplies. It works towards monitoring the blood glucose levels in your body. When purchasing a diabetic meter, there are several things you need to consider in order to choose the best for yourself. Here are certain things you need to consider when purchasing a diabetic meter: a) Testing area Certain blood glucose meters allow you to test on your palm, forearm or finger. Make sure you know exactly which testing area is convenient for you. b) Sample size A blood glucose meter may require anything between 0.

3 and 1.5 micro liters of blood. c) Speed Different blood glucose meter provide result in different time period.

An efficient diabetic meter will provide you the result just within 5 seconds. d) Ease of use The diabetic meter you purchase should be able to provide you excellent and accurate results with ease of use. Make sure that the diabetic meter you purchase is easy to use.

e) Meal averages Consult your health care practitioner or diabetes educator and know about meal averages. Certain diabetic meters are efficient enough to provide you before and after meal averages. f) Suitably of use by children When purchasing a diabetes meter, you need to consider the suitability for use by children who are under ten years old. Usually kids have a hard time when opening foil-wrapped strips.

They often forget to record the results obtained by the diabetes meter. Remember that meter that requires smaller blood volumes are suitable for children as compared to those that require larger blood volumes. g) Children over ten years old When purchasing a diabetes meter, make sure you confirm that the meter is suitable for use of children over ten years old. Older children can easily take on the foil wrapped strips and meter that need more amount of blood.

Meters that don't have a data port usually need the user to write everything down that some people tend to forget. h) Cost Once you consider all the essential features a diabetic meter should posses in order to be purchased, you need to consider the cost of the equipment make sure that the cost of the diabetes meter you purchase is affordable. Do a comparison shopping prior to purchasing the stuff in order to make sure that you are purchasing the best. i) Test strips and cartridges The test strips and cartridges should be included when considering the price of the diabetic meter.

j) ACI check Ask the vendor whether the diabetes meter you are purchasing allows you to conduct an ACI check at home. Also ask your health care practitioner whether you require a diabetes meter that allows you to do an ACI check. k) Handy The glucose meter should be small enough for you to facilitate carrying it wherever you want to. l) Manual The glucose meter should come to you with a detailed and user friendly manual. The instructions given on it should be user friendly.

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