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Deciding On Your Acne Treatment

Acne treatments are plentiful in the market. While there are plenty of magic cures out there, not many of them have ever stood up to scientific scrutiny. Acne can be mild, moderate, or severe. For each type of acne, the treatment is very different.

Acne is not a cosmetic condition but a health problem. If your acne problem seems to be getting worse with time then before going to buy the next magic cure, try visiting a dermatologist for a skin analysis and determining what type of treatment suits you best. Mild acne can usually be treated with a gentle wash using warm water and soap, twice a day. Over the counter creams containing salicylic acid can also be used. These creams are helpful in eradicating the bacteria on the skin surface. Acne cures are all about proper skin care.

Once an acne condition has developed all cures will take some time. You should expect nothing better than a gradual improvement in skin health. Vitamin supplements for healthy skin can also be taken with the doctor's advice. Moderate acne is when pimples cover about half of the face. People with moderate acne should consult a dermatologist before doing anything in the way of self-help.

While acne can be embarrassing and the impulse to do something fast is ever-present, you should take care and not do anything that might worsen the case. Best treatments for moderate acne involve a combination of physical treatment and prescription drugs that are antibacterial. Oral acne treatments have also given good results in the past.

Acne can also leave scars and if they are not attended to immediately they can become a permanent feature on the skin. In cases of severe acne, pimples and zits will become deep, inflamed, and possibly very painful. In such cases there will be a lot of skin scarring that can result in psychological complications like depression. It is best to treat acne before it becomes severe.

Most doctors and dermatologists will use methods as severe as acne to cure the condition. Oral antibiotics and medicines like accutane will probably be used at this stage. Other drainage technique and surgical methods might also be used. Acne can go into a very phase if not treated in time so it is best to obtain good professional advise even if you are having a mild acne attack. Remember that treatment of acne takes a long time before any improvements become visible.

When your doctor gives you instructions for acne treatment then it is necessary that you follow them with an almost military discipline. Be patient and persistent, continue taking the prescribed medications and follow your doctor's advice.

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