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Are the people with secret healthier

Are the people with secret healthier?
In recent years, the technology of internet makes that it is available for people to set up a secret world on the internet. Many internet-worms own several net names at the same time. In the net world, they can play the part of whomever they want and enjoy their imaginary and acting.

Trokeler of The Massachusetts Institute of Technology said: People meet with difficulties in daily life, so they want to act as another person on the internet to pour out their troubles and release themselves which can lighten the psychological pressure and relax their nervous. Because they need not take any responsibility for their action The person on the internet is the person in your deep heart who you want to be. The person in your heart is not common to be seen in the daily life because he is restrained and limited. In fact, he is the a secret yoursel.

Non-secret person is prone to have psychological problems.

Psychologists point out that most of the adults have the double-life potentialities. Imitating others and trying to act the totally different person are not only the games for little child. In fact, the desire for changing role will last till they grow up. Everyone has a secret world in his deep heart where he can fly himself and play the part of anybody he wants.

According to the research, psychological role acting is necessary to psychological heath. People who have not a secret world in their hearts will lose themselves and become suspect and depressed easily when they face the problems in their work or marriage. In contrast, people with secret world in their heart will find ways to release in the illusory world.

Why people are multi-faceted?
There really exist some people who play several roles in our real life. They get along with un-related person and perform differently in different occasions. British scholar Wenny Scott finds that these person are born in rich but strict and dogmatic family.

The children are expected to grow along the route designed by their parents from childhood to adult. After getting married, they have to be a good husband or a good wife. They live in a regular life on others mind. But when the night comes or on the way of official business alone, the secret aspect of their mind will be shown and they become a total different person.

Some people who lack of words in company in the daytime often get drunk and create a disturbance in the bar at night. All these show that people are multi-faceted. It is acceptable if people handle this properly. But some of them are under pressure for this. If the secret finally exposed, there are two results: making new choice or splitting in personality.
If you can not adapt yourself to the multi-role life, maybe you need to talk to the Psychologist.

It is not your fault to be multi-faceted. The key is dealing with it properly.


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