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Acne Basics and Laser Acne Treatment

Is Laser Acne Treatment a good idea? Laser acne treatment is a safe and proven way to get rid of and treat acne. The disadvantage of laser acne treatment is that most insurance coverage will not cover this procedure. The FDA approved the use and efficiency of the smooth beam laser in 2002. Since its introduction to the market, it is widely recognized as the most effective treatment for severe and recurrent cases of acne. Laser acne treatment is one of the fastest ways to reduce your acne but also the most frightening.

This treatment is becoming more and more popular and the effects of the treatment are sometimes noticeable after only one treatment. Laser acne treatment is a procedure that works for numerous individuals who battle with breakouts, but how do you know if it's right for you. Acne is a condition caused by skin cells that do not shed properly and plug pores, causing oil and bacteria to be trapped inside. As the oil and bacteria accumulates, the skin becomes inflamed and swells outwards forming the familiar whiteheads, blackheads and pimples.

The most common type of acne shows up on the face, neck, shoulders, back, and chest. Laser acne treatment has been around for some years now, and it is fast replacing more traditional forms of acne removal and prevention. The heat effectively slows the glands form secreting excessive oil and eventually eliminating most of the cause of acne. The laser also kills the bacteria and other components that cause acne. During the first sessions of the treatment, you will see improvements and good results already.

2 Types of Laser Acne Treatment Laser acne treatments are of 2 types. The first one is focused on restricting the bacteria's growth in acne lesions. The other one is targeted to reduce the overactive sebaceous oil glands that are involved frequently in the development of blackheads and clogging of skin's pores. The laser treatment can also reduce the breakouts and minimize the severity of acne. Duration of Laser Acne Treatment Laser treatments usually last less than 30 minutes except in other cases where more treatments are required. Additional 3-5 laser acne treatments spread in months may be needed depending on the condition of the acne, whether severe or mild.

Lasers acne treatment is much more invasive than non-ablative lasers. They remove by erosion, melting, evaporation, or vaporization. Ablative lasers are not recommended for use on darker skin colors. Laser resurfacing costs upwards of $2,500 for a full face, versus $1,000 for other types of scar and acne removal. Consult with an experienced aesthetic dermatologist and laser surgeon to determine what it best for you.

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