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Acne and Smoking

Acne is a common skin disease that causes pimples. Pimples form when hair follicles under your skin clog up. Most pimples form on the face, neck, back, chest and shoulders. Acne most often occurs in the early teenybopper years, but affects some through adult life. Acne comes under the group of skin rashes. Causes of acne include hormones, diet, evolutionary biology, vitamin deficiency, stress, and more.

The real explanation may be a complex mix of many of these factors. Oily or heavy make-up is another cause of acne. Smoking can cause acne. Smoking is one of the biggest causes of death and illness in the UK. Every year, around 114,000 smokers die from smoking-related diseases such as heart disease and lung cancer. Sometimes smoking is justified by the fact that nicotine allegedly has stress reducing effects.

NIA non-inflammatory acne is most prevalent in smokers. Smoking can lead to a slew of other health-related problems, including ones that adversely affect the skin. These may include grey skin , wrinkles and yellowing of the skin and nails.

Among adults with acne, non-smokers were more likely to suffer from inflammatory acne. Smokers, however, were much more likely to experience non-inflammatory breakouts. 42% of smokers suffered from acne, compared to 10% of non-smokers. But cigarette smokers seemed to develop non-inflamed acne at a much higher rate than other adult acne sufferers.

About 70 per cent of smokers say that they want to stop smoking, but most believe they are unable to. If you really want control acne first step that you need to take is to stop smoking. Wash your face regularly but avoid over-washing it. Make some changes in your diet and include some fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet as well. Practice yoga and meditation that will also help you a lot. Get plenty of fresh air and sunshine for vitamin D, ingredients for healthy and acne pimple free skin.

Drink lots of water as it will help in flushing out the toxins from the skin. Acne has nothing to do with dirt. So, don't over-wash or over-scrub your face or the rest of your body.

Diet plays the same role as the herbs play in the elimination of acne. One should include juices taken from the juice extractor in the diet. Corticosteroid injections speed healing of the lesion to just a few short days.

Juliet Cohen writes articles for health blog and acne home remedies. She also writes articles for kids hairstyles.

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